New shoes at last!

Monday, 1 June 2009
At last, I have added a few new shoes to the website!
Did you know that Pod was a shoemaker??? Homily would have approved of these.
Currently working on a new adjustable style called BELLA so watch the shop! It will be a profusion of ribbons and bows!
Talking of profusion.... doesnt the site look wonderful! I cant praise this very clever lady enough.
As soon as I saw these graphics, I fell in love!!! It had fairysteps written all over it! I had a right fiddle getting it to work on a website, BUT after much keyboard gnashing and monitor chewing I did it!
Very poor blogging effort due to Summery weather, sorry!


  1. Mmm they look lovely, I can almost smell that new leather!x

  2. I love the colour for your shoes..:)

  3. you are so talented...
    these shoes are adorable..
    love the new look..
    mona & the girls