A midsummer nights dream......

Friday, 26 June 2009


I am floating on a cloud.....

I decided all in a rush that special shoes needed special fairy inspired names and what more apt than being inspired by 'A midsummer nights dream'. So I have spent the morning adding these as bespoke fairy shoes to the fairysteps shop and have named them after the King and Queen of the fairies. Thank you everyone for your kind and supportive comments. It helps so much when straightening out befuddled heads.
I hope they will be popular! I have a handful of shoe orders taken a while back which I am working on now..... I will then be starting on fairy shoes. IN FACT fairy shoes are ALL I am making in future. There Ive said it!!! Its what Fairysteps began for after all. Sorry to anyone who may have been waiting for other styles but my heart just isnt in it, and you must follow your heart, always.

Ive even been drawing pointy toed boots... PUCK I think........ I shall have to take them from paper to leather soon when time allows.

As for now the sun is shining and its 4 o'clock teapot time!!


  1. I really love the new look to your blog, those sepia pictures are just wonderful. The names of your fairy shoes are brilliant but the shoes I really love are those on the sidebar!

  2. I love the Oberon shoes...:)