Knitting bag update....

Monday, 22 June 2009
Time for a knitting bag update me thinks. Lots to see because Ive got lots on the go!
Yet another of the cover ups, this time made on smaller needles to scale the whole thing down for tiniest tiddlywinks birthday. Now all completed and already being worn constantly, including in bed...... it even went on a gnome hunt......
Just to prove that I am still knitting this one! And I am happy to write that I have split for the armholes and am frantically knitting down one sleeve.... Im on the home stretch once the other arm is completed. Dont you love sleeves, they give one hope that it will soon be all over and you can start another project....

And this rather bland looking affair will hopefully turn out just like Ive envisaged it in my minds eye. I would never normally have bought this colour yarn, but its pure cotton and very soft, and most importantly was in a sale so very cheap! The whole thing will cost about £5 once completed. It has a lovely lace pattern, even though I hate knitting lace. The pattern is another beauty from ROWAN and is called 'Peaches'. Its beautiful to knit, it feels like butter on my needles. I think the colour actually suits this pattern, it looks like tea stained lace. Ive eyed this pattern for years in my book and never quite got around to committing to it BUT after spending about 2 hours searching through patterns for a cardi that was feminine, vintage styled and fitted and hopefully something to keep forever I decided on this one. I must admit though I started another one first. A moss stitch rib affair which I decided to unpick 3" up the back. Never mind, not too much time invested. If it turns out well I shall knit another in some Rowan luxury cotton dk I have in the woolly hoard in a deep chocolate.... I knitted the start of this one last night in the garden, sat on a big tree stump while tea cooked on the fire......
The joy of knitting.... love it!!


  1. I love that desciption you gave 'like butter on my needles'. I get great pleasure from the feel of wool while I'm knitting too.Now here's a confession: When I pick up each fresh ball to knit with, I hold it to my nose and breath it in because I love the smell! x :o)

  2. Hi Ren~
    Thanks so much for the tip on Utilliki--some good advice on there! I was successful in creating a 3rd column last night, but it threw off my repeating background image so I'll have to rethink that!

    Love your happy polka dots--and your knitting projects!

    take care,