A happy overdyed mistake whilst pre shrinking...

Sunday, 14 June 2009
Doesnt a whole line of new cloth drying on a breezy sunny day make you smile! It does me!

I bought a bargain bale of cotton lawn from here for just £7.50 and as it turned out (think Ive mentioned this) it was dark browns, fantastic! My new colour for the future. Cotton fabric MUST always be pre shrunk before sewing (yes I learnt the hard way.....) so in it went to the machine with a few yards of linen blend from Ikea which was a brilliant, its going to blind me, white. I also put in some hideous pale pink linen blend fabric.

It happily sloshed about for an hour and OH what joy when I took it out of the machine. The brown fabric had bled and overdyed all of the other fabrics. Normally this would have been a 'I can't believe it' moment but instead I was very happy. The pink went into a very subtle sort of vintagey tea stained colour, the white went a pale creamy yellow, and the browns stayed just as brown as before!

I have already chopped up 2 lots of brown for a sun dress. It isnt quite finished but its nearly there.

Next sewing project is recycling some linen skirts from the charity shop into one, hopefully two new ones in my favourite skirt pattern.


  1. I used to do a lot of fabric dyeing and had much joy at hanging out the results! I'd have even more joy if it were in a pretty garden like this one. :o)

  2. What a happy surprise! The colors are beautifully muted.
    I love hanging my laundry out as well. Sun dried sheets are divine and so are the bath towels.

  3. That is fantastic. I happily found the missing pedal for my own sewing machine and a very happy lady I am for it! Your post has arrived just in time to inspire me to stitch my new dress. A.xx

  4. My granmother, used to dye whites, with tea dregs, came out a lovely pale beige, gradually faded as the washes went on, but you can always redye again and its cheap. Lindax

  5. these browns are so lovely! what a happy accident-i adore the result! my best friend's favourite colour is brown and she loves to sew and knit all things brown-she tries to make things with other colours but they always turn out brown! i love turquoise so she will add a few turquoise things for my birthday. her heart belongs to browns though.