Cooking in a garden....

Saturday, 20 June 2009
The garden is looking more inviting this year than even before. I dont know why. Maybe its because I am plummetting towards 40.... the age of reason and enlightenment! Maybe Im getting wiser and know whats best for me!!!
Heres me... attacking an aubergine and showing no mercy. Sat in a plume of smoke, cooking tea. I cook outside whenever I can now. Usually every weekend, in the week if I can manage it. I love one pot meals and the fire takes such a tiny amount of twiggy wood to cook a meal that it makes environmental sense too. In fact I cant believe how little it takes. I love poking pots on fires.....
This is our revamped fire pit area complete with chipped bark bought locally. It needs to settle down. Temporarily using a pair of old concrete blocks for my rack until we can find our old bricks again.... they got moved..... where? Ive been cooking under the outdoor bath up till now but its a swine getting a kettle under a bathtub.


  1. Ren, you were making my mouth water all those fresh veggies, I could smell the woodsmoke. Your Garden does look fantastic too, doesn't it. Lindax

  2. How wonderful to be cooking outside! I am determined to celebrate the solstice by doing that tomorrow. Our days have been rather over run by pony things and school recently, and I am determined to pause, and take some time to reconnect with the world around me!

  3. There is nothing like food cooked outside on a proper wood fire. I think I'll be lighing ours tommorow sometime too.

  4. I love your fire pit! How lovely to sit outside and cook.x

  5. Aw the garden looks fantastic:) I am really appreciating my garden this year, possibly because I've spent more time out there planting veggies & getting my hands dirty. It's amazing how much time you want to spend outside when you feel so connected it isn't it? :)