A busy bee with the sniffles....

Monday, 8 June 2009
I feel like I havent written a post on any of my blogs for an age! The weather has been so beautiful here at home that I feel as if an entire Summer has gone by in these last few weeks! What a joy to feel the sunshine again after such a cold winter. In true Moley fashion I have been whitewashing..... vinyl matt magnolia actually but you know what I mean! After a couple of weeks of working in the 'converted' dining room, which you may remembered I posted about previously... I decided that I could bear it no longer. Ive been yearning for my attic rooms again! It is so odd but after so many years of working up here I found that 'trying' and I do literally mean trying to work anywhere else was almost impossible. I just loss all inspiration. I found all sorts of treasures during the BIG clean! I am exhausted though! Probably why this dratted cold took hold so well. I feel quite undone! Last note is that its wonderful to have my house tidy again and my dining room restored to its former glory ready for sewing! That big table was jolly handy for pinning out patterns!

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  1. Hi Ren, thanks for a peep into your lovely workspace! A few months ago I moved from my attic room to a small room that used to be a bedroom. It has north light and is self contained so it made sense(the attic room is also our bedroom). But I miss the sunshine that used to stream through the window and the views. Now you've got me thinking maybe I ought to move back upstairs! It's great to have a big move and a sort out isn't it, really refreshing and inspiring :)