Sanitary towel solutions, the old way.

Saturday, 16 May 2009
Years ago.... women didnt have sanitary pads, or tampons, or mooncups, or even eco shaped sanitary pads. All they had were squares of muslin. Im not knocking eco sanitary products, they are fantastic and well done to any company that makes them, I am just saying that there is a really easy cheap alternative!

Practically every mother in the country has used muslin squares for their babies, and did you know you can use them for you too! Perfect recycling! You just fold them in half, then keep refolding them to make a pad shape. Pop them in your knickers and Bobs your uncle! They will mould to your shape, and are soft, breathable, absorbant and comfortable. Best of all, just pop the soiled ones into the washing machine with your standard whites to clean. They dry really quickly too, unlike some thick pads.
If you have really heavy periods you can fold them to make a thicker pad at the front, they are so adaptable. If you have a few hanging around the house, reduntant now your babies have grown, give them a second life!
Any other sanitary suggestions? Please post below to share!!!


  1. After using tampons for the last 12 years of my period(towels for the first 3) I changed over to using the moon cup in Dec 08. I would never go back.
    I see you mention it above, but I really feel it warrants a further mention. Once you buy the product, there is no further waste after the packaging in comes in, until the day you can no longer use it and buy another, which from what I have seen ranges from 5-10 or more years!
    I have had no leakages since I changed over and can pretty much keep it in at work and not have to change it until i go home. I have light to medium periods, so for me it is perfect!

    Now I am off to bake your pasties ;) hehe

  2. I've been using reuseable cloth pads for the past 4 years and could never go back to the disposible rubbish! I did fold an old terry nappy left over from when my little'uns were little into a (very thick!) pad once when I ran out of my usual cloth ones and it did the trick very well but I've never tried using muslins.

    I do worry about the lack of waterproofing though ... how do you get on?

  3. I love my mooncup (but havent needed to use it for nearly 9 months!), if I used pads then I would give this a try but prefer to use internal protection. But it just goes to show how versatile muslin cloths are!

  4. A fantastically practical suggestion!
    I'm also a mooncup fan. I got mine when I realized that all those disposable pads will be sitting around in dumps forever. Yay mooncups! I want to get one for every woman I know! (But of course that's their business, and I won't)

  5. I've been using home made ones for 13 years. I use old terry nappies cut into quarters and then folded in thirds. I never have any leaks and yeah they are a bit bulkier than stream-lined shop ones but nothing too bad.

    I don't like using internal devices because I feel that the blood is supossed to flow out.

    I bought some moon-pads, which are avaliable here in Australia but as they are sewn several layers thick they take a while longer to dry on the clothes line than ones that you can unfold.

    Thanks for this post,it's lovely to have you shaing all your eco tips:) I'm going to try muslins and see how they go.

  6. What a great idea...I'm going to try this:-)
    Take care,