Mr Rens blanket is completed.... at last!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

It only took 3 months......
Sick of granny squares now.....
Husband overjoyed at having extra warm toes in bed.....
All ended well!
It is such a relief to finish a HUGE project. I must get on with my chocolate cardigan and my red cardigan, and my new shoes, and my new dresses (fabric has been ordered and is eagerly, OK impatiently being waited for). Pictures will be posted as and when I finally get around to sorting out my wardrobe. Currently instead of looking like a bohemian Miss Marple, I look more like a homeless Miss Marple.
The new workroom, renamed 'The Sewing Room' is perfect! I have been beavering away all day in showery sunshine. Its a new novelty actually being able to see what I am doing after being up in the attic for years. Shut away like some demented old bat.
Ah well, Im out now! Bright isnt it in the daylight!

I am about to sit and watch Harry Potter for the 100th time with the tiddlywinks and pretend I am Mrs Weasley. Knitting is called for me thinks.


  1. wow the blanket is huge! and amazing, your smaller projects will feel so quick to do now ;)

  2. Wow--It turned out so beautiful! But what a lot of crocheting--I'll bet you're excited to get into some new projects :)

    take care,

  3. It looks lovely Ren - so colourful! I'm crocheting a blanket in what can be descibed as one enormous 'granny square' but have nearly ran out of wool! I don't want to finish it because while I'm making it, it keeps me warm!

  4. Bravo! Your blanket is awesome. Which reminds me...did I not start a blanket too? It rings a bell... A.xx

  5. Oh it's so pretty! Good job. I started a blanket for my bf and it already feels like it will take forever and a day. whew!

  6. The blanket turned out beautiful!
    Soo pretty, I love granny squares.
    You do realise you have got me hooked back into crochet now! Goodness knows how I'll fit time in to do this? Mind you, at least crochet is mobile and I can chat while I'm doing it :)

  7. Beautiful! I love the inner borders. it really breaks up the pattern and adds more interest. It makes me want to go start a blanket now (But i have too many other projects to finish, not to mention a patchwork quilt i started a few years ago, which is currently sitting in the loft!)