Could'nt unpick it one more time if I tried....

Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Is'nt it the best feeling in the world when a project is finished? Especially one that you get to wear and enjoy! It began HERE and has ended here! And despite all of my frustrated unpicking.... Ive thoroughly enjoyed it! Based loosely on a free pattern from I sort of made up all of the changes as I knitted (hence the unpicking).

I really wanted a peplum style cardigan so did a smidge of increasing on the twisted rib. by the way I LOVE twisted ribbing! It kicks out just enough to be flattering skimming over womanly hips!

The peplum shows well from the side!

I was a little worried that the colour change wool would look naff, but am pleasantly surprised. New fabric arrived today,and guess what the colours in my lucky bargain bag were..... chocolate brown! So thrilled! I plan on making my favourite long A line skirt to go with this... I must finish my new brown HOMILY shoes, quick like!
Little leafy leather buttons to finish... homemade of course!
What shall I stash in the knitting bag next?


  1. Very cute! I love the way you made the buttons out of leather in the shape of leaves :)

    (And isn't Ravelry addictive?! I didn't realize you were on there too--must add you as a friend :)

    take care,

  2. Wow! I would love to start knitting bigger items. I seem to be stuck on the little toys that go quickly. I must say though, that this jersey has inspired me..

    Really lovely

    Warm regards

  3. It turned out beautifully..and I love the buttons...a wonderful ending!

  4. You're so clever!.... This is lovely!

  5. I love it.
    especially the colours that you used....:)

  6. this is beautyful. i like the colours and leaves. very autumnal.

  7. Beautiful work , Love the Woodland Colours. Lindax