Blossom honeysuckles for a bride to be....

Monday, 11 May 2009
I meant to post these treasures from last week and never did....

My lilac tree was flowering in the garden and seemed to be made for photographing these pretty shoes next to! I hope the bride is pleased!

I have made lots of bridal shoes and thoroughly enjoy being able to have a tiny input into such a special occasion as a marraige.
And below is another pair of the same style for a different customer..... all the same except for the colour, but doesnt the colour make a huge difference! It changes the mood of the shoe completely. I love this NIGHTSHADE / BERRY combination!


  1. They're so pretty and look even prettier posing next to the beautiful lilac (One of my favourites!) What a lovely wedding it'll be!x

  2. Those are so adorable, Ren! I love the pink and purple colors together and the way they lace up:)

    Take care,

  3. Wow there so pretty!...:)

  4. I loooove these!! Both colours. the little flowers are beautiful :)