Skim - New Style!

Monday, 20 April 2009
Hot off the fairysteps sewing machine.....
Just added to the shop as a stock item BUT also available as bespoke in your own choice of colour. I designed a front mobile pocket on this one too this morning, because I know how much everyone likes them!
I will have to get one made up to illustrate the pocket potential, any colour ideas?

The pile of orders is going down, yipee!! Just back from the post office after posting a big load, luckily I didnt meet anyone on the lane and therefore did not have to undergo the embarrassment of having to explain that the reverse is broken..... again.

A late night in the workshop awaits me...... but the sun is shining and its 4 oclock now..... so time for a tray of tea!


  1. Love this colour and the style is very hot off the runway!! (I saw a segment of must have for summer 2009 the other day...) A.xx

  2. wow ...
    love this look..
    really love your work...
    mona & the girls

  3. Another beauty! You must live a lovely secluded place by the sound of things :)x

  4. thank you so much!
    i love it more than any bag i own :)