An Easter visitor....

Saturday, 11 April 2009
We have a little Easter visitor, we often have several at this time of year...... He's been named Ronald, is'nt he beautiful! Sadly I have banned him from the house now because of the numerous puddles in the kitchen....... whats a mother to do!!!!! The pictures are so fuzzy because he's a lively little chap.
And because I never put a lamb picture on last year..... here is little lucky, she was a little darling! All grown up now, mainly in width!

And lastly..... here is The Fairy Shoemaker saying Happy Chocolate Sunday to everyone!

Note stripey, slanty, knitted scarf which I promised pictures of ages ago....


  1. What a beautiful animal :)

    I am so glad to know I am not alone in calling it Chocolate Sunday :D(my family do not approve!)

  2. How lovely!
    Your scarf is beautiful!! The lamb pictures are just what I needed, thanks. This time last year I was bottle feeding a lamb of my own...
    This year, I am giving birth to a knit shop!! Coming along nicely, will post pictures soon...tck tck tck.

  3. Tha lambs photos are so cute.
    I've always wanted a pet sheep.
    Don't think my land lord would let me.LOL:)

  4. I have fond memories of hand rearing lambs asa child. We discovered that they would eat anything, and their fave was salt and vinegar crisps!

  5. That scarf is gorgeous... as is the is the clutch! Your work is beautiful. I so glad I stumbled across you in the wonderful world of blogging. Off to check out your shop now...