Chocolate brown cover up..... unpicking once, twice....

Monday, 13 April 2009
A tray of tea in the garden, under a warm sun with 30 minutes of 'spare time'..... the start of a new adventure with my sticks and string....

Another knitted from the top down, raglan, this time with long sleeves and longer body. Ive used a self patterned yarn called 'fusion' for the neckline only and then its onto plain go with everything I own, chocolate brown! I plan to crochet pansies in the contrast and scatter them down the body of the cardi. I will also shape the sides by nipping in the waist as I knit (I do like a well defined waistline, cant abide baggy jumpers, they make me feel like a catipillar about to shed a skin).

I decided to try a different type of decrease, without the holes made by the yarn over increase. Hence the unpicking bit of the title. It didnt work! Much too tight. Note picture where its all curled up. It has been re knitted and is now coming along nicely!
Trouble is Ive only got 2 ball of the brown..... Ooops!


  1. Oh how I love the beginning of a knitting journey! The smell of the fresh balls of wool and the neatness of those first stiches!x

  2. My husband would always cringe when I had to unknit a never bothered me....I figured it was just part of the learning process.

  3. Hi there. visiting from 'down in the meadow'. Your knitting cupboard is heavenly. I am passionate about wool. A hoarder too...Oh so comforting when you have all that wool looking at you. I started knitting last August and am completely bowled over by how nice it is. You have a lovely blog.

    Warm regards