A stripey petticoat to match the new knit....

Thursday, 19 March 2009
Just made this before starting work this morning.
I made a trial run yesterday using an old white sheet before cutting into my prized red seersucker (who on earth invented that name?). It was meant for a summer dress to match up with some pea green seersucker but I NEED a stripey petticoat today!!!

A nice easy 6 gore skirt pattern with an added bottom frill for a bit of flounce factor. Perfect for under my summer skirts which are a little too chilly at the moment! + I love layered skirts!


  1. Gorgeous! I didn't know I liked layered skirts but I do now. It's a good idea having it longer and on show like that. When I don't want my skirt to look too transparent,I wear 2 skirts together but have the underneath one shorter. Now I see what I'm doing wrong! Thanks for the idea :)x

  2. I am planning some summer skirts too! What a fun post. Love the rich colours.

  3. Oh very pretty :) I do love seersucker and layered skirts :D
    A petticoat is definitely what I need over here in Iceland!

    Colours are beautiful too.

  4. I love it...the colour and the style.

  5. ACK! what a fabulous combinations of colours and patterns! this is just spectacular! i could wear this everyday-i think i have found fairy heaven-your work is just magick!