The end is nigh....

Tuesday, 17 March 2009
Not long to go now!
Ive completed the last granny square.... at last! I have now started to go around and around the outer edge for the border, about 12 or so times should do it. Then its the last row which will be a delicious bobble border in red. Like rows of little strawberries........
It has been immense fun making this and I feel all fired up for the next one! Probably hexagons like my clever friend has been making. Very beautiful! I regretted doing squares as soon as I saw it!!!
Ive been very naughty and been sidetracked (doesnt take much) by a pattern on Ravelry, found late last night. Of course I had to start making it RIGHT AWAY! Its called 'Anthropologie capelet'. Using 8mm needles I have already knitted about 4" in bed this morning before getting up! The wool is a cerise, 97% wool, bobbly affair, nightmare to knit, and perfect because I havent a clue what else to use it for! I can see a pea green ribbon at the neck to tie it together..... I can see it as a summer evening warm up over my planned pea green seersucker sun dress.....
Pictures of complete ensemble, I promise, when completed..... but when is another matter!!!


  1. Wow! It's beautiful!
    I've been missing your posts - it's good to see how you're getting on!

  2. Me jaw just dropped...
    How gorgeous is that! What fun we have with string. I love it too.
    Excellent Ren, glad to see your stitches.
    A. xx

  3. It's beautiful. I've just started my new blanket for winter. Made out of really over sized 'granny squares' crocheted together...let's see if I get it done for the winter (june down here). I loved the fingerless glove thingies...going to have a go at making a pattern.

  4. This sounds lovely, I can't wait to see what you make :)x

  5. Bonjour! How beautiful and colorful and pretty! My grand-mother crocheted me one a while ago when I was a kid. What a great inspiration! I am starting one too this weekend! I drop by your blog regularly but never find the time to leave comments, oh! that darn dial-up slow-speed internet!!! Take care, LuLu

  6. Oh, wow! This is turning out wonderful--such nice and cheerful colors :)

    I have a little something for you on my blog--do stop by when you have a minute :)

    take care,