Another chair from the dump....

Friday, 27 March 2009

Its small, neat, primrose yellow and was waiting for me! What a find! The sun was shining on Mothers day morning so I took the tray of tea outside, (with the chair of course) and sipped tea in the morning sunshine! Utter perfection. The chap at the dump wanted twice what I paid so it was a bargain, only £10 for a Lloyd loom in excellent condition. I have 2 now and love them both. I also bought a solid oak bureau for £18, another bargain. It needs a little work but once complete I shall post a picture to share. Like Attic24 I feel a new cushion is needed to brighten things up a little. Circular me thinks, complete with a bobble border. And a large crocheted flower right in the centre, its large petals reaching for the edges. I have some rather special green yarn in the woolly hoard waiting for such a chance of escape....... Don't you just love dumps!!!


  1. Sounds like you have found yourself a slice of happiness. The cushion idea sounds very pretty. Good luck!
    We have a local market where we find treasures and fresh produce from local farms. The season will soon start and I can't wait. fun!
    A. xx

  2. This chair and tray looks very inviting indeed! Welcome back to Blogger.x