Stunning SANDY suede!

Thursday, 19 February 2009
Alas... this is the last of this scrumptuous suede!
The SQUISH bag was made as a commision for a fellow Etsy-er, the LULA just sort of 'sprung' out of the leather as I was cutting.... and well, the little SPRITE purses just happened along too!
Next load of workshop chores are shoe pattern drafting, and belt making.
Busy weekend for the fairy shoemaker!


  1. Beautiful bags Ren, sorry to hear you won't be letting us peep into your home life a bit too. I understand how you feel though. I changed my blog quite radically a few weeks ago for the same reason. Perhaps we might get just a teeny weeny little peep once in a while?x

  2. I understand completely how you feel! I'm quite careful about what I put in my posts but still end up going through and editing things out until there's next to nothing left! There's always so much I want to say but then just don't post at all because I wonder if I'd want complete strangers knowing it? No wonder my poor blog looks so thin :) Still, your blog is still wonderfully enjoyable because of all those gorgoeous items you keep adding ... I really don't need tempting to feed my bag and boot addictions ;)