Spring wardrobe....

Sunday, 8 February 2009
This Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5680709 is full of stunning fabrics which have got me all of a flutter thinking of summer skirts! I fancy buying a set of 4 or 5 like the ones above and jumbling them all up in one skirt! I have a superb 4 gored skirt pattern which I use over and over, its such a perfect flattering fit.

I have also ordered a roasted berry red tweedie chunky for a short sleeved, cabled polo, more on that once I get started..... Thats me sorted!


  1. Know what you mean. I've had to go back and unpick several times as I wasn't concentrating! I'm nearly done on the yoke. The fabric is stunning. See you soon, Lucyxx

  2. You're being very sensible restraining yourself to a natural palette! I can see though, you're getting your colour 'fix' from those scrummy pink fabrics instead. ;) ...and I don't blame you!!x

  3. My your mail comes quick! What grand knits and crochet you have.
    I am really happy you mentioned pasties...I have been thinking of making them myself! I think they sound delicious.

  4. You knit so fast! It puts me to shame! I haven't yet had a chance to start with my new wool :( too busy shovelling snow at the moment.
    Those fabrics are just gorgeous - I can see how you would be hard pressed to resist them!

  5. ooh, fantastic sweater-hope you got the yoke figured out! and, those fabrics together are just divine! love, love, love the mitts as well! my hands are always cold so i adore mitts-how pretty these are with the little flower! i am beginning to wonder if there is anything that you cannot do?