A tribute to the borrowers and Etsy treasury listing....

Saturday, 10 January 2009
After many requests for larger bags for people who MUST take their entire household contents with them on EVERY trip.... I designed this rather delicious bag and called it POD.

Anyone who has read Mary Norton's wonderful book 'The Borrowers' will be very familar with the race of teeny weeny people who live under the floorboards of a large house, deep in the country. When Pod goes 'borrowing' (which lets face it, is stealing) he always takes a large bag. Being borrowers, our everyday tiny objects like buttons would seem enormous to them but they would always find uses for them (strikes me they must have started the first green movement). So buttons would be very large in relation to the garment or bag they were used on. Hence the very BIG leather button which was made especailly for this bag.

As soon as I had drawn it in my big book of magical doodles, I knew it had to be called POD!
I had to avoid describing it as a bag for when you go 'borrowing' for obvious reasons.... I could be encouraging a wave of shop lifting, perish the thought. I think I may make another with a flatter base and wider too for A4 files, like the HENNOCK bag but scaled up. Oh and talking of magic doodles, a pretty, circular, wristlet ended up on paper yesterday which is most definetly the next project after these next 3 orders. Monday morning will see me making shoes.....

Last notable event is that the very clever ARTWOLF has kindly listed me in this rather beautiful treasury that she compiled http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=32351. Thank you x


  1. Haha no! No cat recipes from me, but I meant to ask in your last post, you spoke of a bath, in the garden?? Please tell us more! (Lovely bag by the way)x

  2. We love the Borrowers too, compared to some of the things that kids see on tv these days 'borrowing' is quite harmless - not that i'm encouraging borrowing of any description of course! Hope the pantomime went ok and the earache clears up soon, ouch.
    Curiosity got the better of me and i followed the 'bath' link, it made me smile. What a wonderful idea! Don't know about the frosty night idea though?!! Brrr! xXx

  3. I've just visited the link, thanks Ren - great bath! I love the image of your sandwich floating on a tin plate :)x

  4. Thank you Sarah, little one imrpoving I think, needs sleep more than anything! x and Jessie... bacon sandwiches always taste better when they are floating on tin plates! xx

  5. I love that borowing bag! I am one of those people who likes the idea of taking everything out with me, but that would suggest I am organised and know what I need. In reality, I rarely take anything, and never have any money on me, or, my husband's bugbear this - my phone. I have an ancient Pay as you go mobile, and must be the only person I know, who managed to go all of last year with only £10 credit. Steve says it's nothing to be proud of, and what if I was out in the middle of the moor with the kids and something happened. I have to point out to him that a phone wouldn't help, as there is no signal.
    Anyway, sympathise with your little ones doing the pantomime. The late nights are so hard , although the adrenalin rush of doing it, and the sense of being part of something, is such a buzz that it is worth it. At least ours takes place during Half Term.
    x Danielle

  6. Love the bag reminds me of one I had in my 'hippie' days..big artic blast coming..ugh!

  7. such a beautiful bag! i have to admit to being a bit of a borrower ( only in the sense of the big bag comes everywhere with me!) all things in my bag are for "just in case scenarios" of which three have proved oh so many over the years with my 3 wee ones. I so hope the earache went away, awful things!