Snow, sunshine, soup.....

Tuesday, 20 January 2009
Finished 3 orders, 2 of which were my last shoe orders (shown above and below, both the same colour funnilly enough!) all packaged and ready to post in the morning. So glad about this. Ive got 5 pouches to make tommorow.
First guitar class of the year tommorow evening and Ive been so naughty and not touched it for weeks. Oops. I should have been playing today till my fingers bled, but I didnt!
Oh, nearly forgot the soup part....!
Haricot bean soup and fresh bread for tea (it simmered for 5 hours on the rayburn and tasted like liquid heaven!).


  1. Oh, I am just about to start a granny rug. 225 sqaures...maybe I should just start. Anyway I've got heaps of time til winter.

    Your camping set up sounds alot nicer than ours. We just got back from camping last week and it was lovely but I'm afraid we only have a shop bought tent. A couple of years ago I had plans of making a pavilion tent. Where did you get the pattern...or are you clever enough to make it up yourself?

  2. NO Im not clever enough! We bought the bell tent ready made! Its never worth making one, the canvas I bought for the awning cost a fortune! It really needs an awning over the door because the rain (and lets face it, it will always rain in England when you mention the word tent) pours in the front opening and you have to crawl in on muddy knees..... not good for inducing smiley faces on holiday!!!!!
    Bet you had loads of fun and laughs without a bell tent too!

  3. Camping! This is one of my promises to me for this year, i AM going camping - for more than three days, good measuring stick, thanks! - and we WILL enjoy it. i'll post dates and locations nearer to the time so everyone in the northern hemisphere knows which county to avoid and how long for just in case they accidently end up anywhere near me - the weather fairy hasn't always treated me kindly in the camping stakes. There's nowt like positive thinking is there?! And this IS nowt like positive thinking! Lol! Happy granny squares to you, hope that your fingers're still able to type after guitar lessons this week xXx

  4. Ooh those purple shoes are fab! I would be proud to wear shoes that colour :)
    We had a wee tiny flurry of snow yesterday here in never settles here though much to my Husbands dismay!:)

    Btw..I should say hello properly, I only recently found your lovely colourful blog!:)

    Julia x

  5. The purple shoes are gorgeous... truly scrumptous. So glad I found your blog, it's adoreable! I shall return. Mandy x

  6. Your colourful blanket is coming along nicely.
    Now that you mention 'holiday', such a fabulous project would brighten up our cottage at the lake in summer too, ...hum?
    For now, I feel like 'red, ecru and charcoals'. I have a bag full of bright red 'come hithering' me everytime I sit in my knitting spot. hee.
    Fabulous shoes too. I am so impressed with you! busy!

  7. I'm in love with those shoes...mmmm that yummy leather! I haven't had a guitar lesson either since mid december and not taken it out of its case since then. Isn't it just unfair that the nails on my left hand are now beautifully long and strong. I'm going to have to cut them as soon as my first lesson of the year looms!x