New stock, going pink......

Saturday, 17 January 2009
Lots of new goodies are now on the fairysteps website! Its all pink and purple home here!

Cant stop long, inbetween pantomime madness I am making shoes, bags and all the rest so blog posts are thin on the ground at the moment, sorry!!

Im going to rattle pots in the kitchen now before they start breeding in the sink......


  1. Wow, Youve been so busy, wonderful Colours. Lindax

  2. Phew! You're making my head spin just thinking about it! Do you ever actually have time for you? I love the pink and purple sooo much! I never liked pink when i was small but over the past couple of years it's kind of sneaked up on me and now i do. Hope the panto goes well and you manage to do something nice for mummy too - is it cold enough for that moonlight bath yet? *shiver* Lol! Maybe when the weather picks up a bit eh? xXx

  3. New camera...ahh you are living the dream. You have been so occupied. Lovely colours to brighten the world. Everything here is in shades of blue and white...include my knitting!