Flying, frozen start....

Friday, 9 January 2009
A rather nice little pile of treasure, including a new purse style ITSY.
Ive been a busy bee (hence flying start).
Lots of goodies above all added to the site yesterday and today. Ive been busy with orders too and am on track. Excellent.
The website is looking brilliant, Ive been polishing and dusting it and its pretty much there.
By gum its cold!!!!! Weeks of frost, havent seen it so white for so long for years.
Tiddlywinks are doing a local pantomine which is killing us all with the late nights... its been midnight for weeks and wont be over for at least another 8 days. Ive been working late until its time to pick up and often leave cut and partly sewn work on the work bench. Yesterday morning I found cat vomit all over a beautiful bag that was nearly complete.... (I was so cross as I will now have to wash it and keep it for home use). Grrrrrrrr, they have the whole house to throw up in and they had to do it there, on that particular spot.

Does anyone have any cat recipes????????


  1. You made my friday Ren! I had a good laugh reading what you wrote both at my blog and yours.
    What a lovely picture of you! You are so pretty all dolled up in wool.
    Happy Birthday to you and many days of bliss this year.
    ps. to have a bath outside in winter... Never mind the wolves, THAT would kill me, hee

  2. A fellow Capricorn? Happy birthday!
    You look lovely in all your woollydom, just my colours too!The website looks fantastic btw, well worth all your hard work :)x

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Ren! Your post had me laughing, especially the part about the cats :D (although I'm sure that must have been very frustrating. One time one of my cats nearly ingested a piece of jewelry I was working on--it was all slobbery, but all of the threads and beads were in least I know my work is durable, but probably not the best testimonial--!)

    I love the newest incarnation of your blog--very cheerful and cute :)

    Wishing you the very best for the New Year!
    Take care,

    ps--isn't that dress gorgeous? I had more comments on IT than anything else I've posted on my blog!