Cracking on NOT cracking up....

Friday, 23 January 2009
Finally, I can now put on the MIRABELLE bag which was made to match the BLOSSOM fairy shoes on the last post. It was ordered as a wedding present for the bride who would be wearing the blossom's so I was'nt sure if I had to keep quite about this or not!
BUT she does know, so I can share the image of this rather delicious bag, and I do mean delicious because it reminds me of squashed blackcurrants when Im making jam......


  1. Delicious it is! I'm off to pay a visit the wool shop you recommended - sunglasses on and ready to be dazzled by the redness!x

  2. Cripes, your crochet hook must be smoking!!

  3. Im on my third hook...... just joking (although my hooks seem to have been snaffled along with the wool)!

  4. You must be fairly smoking to manage all this on top of everything else that you've got going on!
    Do you know a good book for beginners crochet? I really want to learn but am a cabbage! I did buy a book from the wool shop but i think that the lady was having a laugh at my expense 'cos i asked her for a beginners book and the one she gave me definately wasn't! Either that or i'm even more of a cabbage than i thought i was! Eek! xXx

  5. Try on amazon for this one.
    'Twilleys book of instant crochet, made easy by large stitch diagrams'.
    Its simple, easy to understand how the stitches are formed and is cheap!
    There is a pattern on the back of the booklet for how to make a granny square!
    Good luck!

  6. Ren, inspired by you I have decided to make baba number 2 a granny square blanket as his/her welcome to the world gift. My son had a quilt I made from organic cotton fabric. I have mastered up to treble crochet, so next lesson is increasin/dereasing and using diferent colours. Not quite ready to make a granny square yet, i had better get a move on cause I only have till june!