Bespoke shoes available.... again!

Thursday, 29 January 2009
I know I said I wasnt going to be but I just cant stop being the fairy shoemaker!
In order to help me fit it all in Ive simplified the order process for footwear and streamlined the amount of styles, sizes, colours, etc that I offer. Hence the lack of posts whilst Ive been sorting out the site pages. I have also removed all of the bespoke options for tiny bits like belt bags and purses. Better for those items to stop than my shoes. How can you make beautiful shoes like these MOONBEAMS above and then just stop..... never seeing them on your workbench again??? Im just not strong enough, and the emails of utter disapointment from past customers havent helped!
Something had to be done!


  1. My kind of shoe. Lovely pair! Best of luck making everything 'fit' so your days are wonderful and productive.

  2. Hi my dear, so great to talk yesterday, and glad you have found a way to do what you love, lifes a juggle, but i hope it works out for you doing what you do best-nearly everything!! Lots a love Ange

  3. Those shoes are GORGEOUS!!! Just what I would pick out!

    I too am struggling to organise my life into sections for home, & work...perhaps some of your organisation will rub off onto me *grins*