Going green - new stock.....

Monday, 8 December 2008
A beautiful new PIP rag tag fairy bag added on the website today.... look at that front rag tag, yummy!

And not least a big pile of large purses, mainly in woodland shades and focusing on a few TINDER pouchs for the discerning gentlemen among us!

Also... Ive been a very good fairy shoemaker and have actually been making shoes. The list is going down... Ive finished all of the December orders ready to go out this week, thank goodness and I have promised the children that time is on the horizon! Major Christmas present making is in sight....
Last note... late night shopping at Chagford and a hog roast in the square tommorow evening. We all love going and doing our present shopping. I am going to wish for a cold, crisp evening with a bright moon to light our way and make it a success for everyone!


  1. What a lovely lovely collar! I need something warm around my neck at all times. This is perfect.
    I wish I could tag along and shop with you...soon delightful! Good luck

  2. Oh, yes please - I'd like the pattern! I can't believe you made that in an evening? I have been coveting some of the collars on etsy, and am knitting one as a christmas present for my mother, but it is nowhere near as beautiful as the one you made!
    Enjoy late night shopping tomorrow. We'll be there too!

  3. beautiful leatherwork too, a real treat. Lindax

  4. Lovely work!
    I especially love the bag. So elvish.