Fresh look.....

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Time for a change.... plus I had fidgety fingers last night!
Decided there was a distinct lack of 'fairies' on the website so used this oak fae drawing that I did in the summer to make a new banner and based the new look around that. Its hopefully fresh and fae, all at the same time!
This was all triggered by my Husband looking over my shoulder yesterday evening and commenting on how dull the website looked......
Cant have that can we!
I maybe worry that it may be too stark now????
Cant win!!


  1. My all time favorite leaf is the oak. BEAUTIFUL! I admire the lovely 'look' here on Fairy blog space. I wish I knew how to sprinkle some of the artness on my blog.
    Sorry to hear about Daisy and the $$ trip to vet. Hope those jabbs make all the difference.
    Not easy to have sad pet at Christmas...Oh dear. Hugs all 'round.xx

  2. I NEVER let my husband look over my shoulder when I am blogging! He always pulls faces which make me think he is laughing and I completely freeze up and can't write at all! I don't mind so much when I am done :)

  3. I love the new look...and if you want my silly opinion..I liked it before too. I always thought it looked very nice with a background color also..on your website that is. :)
    Lovely drawing!