Feeling blue.... new stock

Tuesday, 9 December 2008
Only kidding .... not really feeling blue! Just finished a batch of 'peacock' nubuck accessories which have all gone into the fairysteps online shop today!

I ressurected a little bag called ITSY BITSY which I havent made for simply ages so it was great fun making that one! Ive changed it slightly and added a elvish touch on the front with a big leaf applique to cover the magnet catch. It worked a treat!

I love designing and am rather naughty because I would make new styles every day if I could, but realistically if you run a business you need to offer repeats of customers favourites so I cant always indulge my whims. Thats fair enough though!

And here they are... boots for my love! Long overdue but I have been informed that they fit like a glove and he loves them! I designed them just for him, named DAPPER which sums them up beautifully. Arent they smarties! Poor thing has a streaming cold which I will no doubt catch over the next few days.... I did suggest that he could sleep in the shed, thus avoiding the spread of unwelcome germs. It didnt go down well........


  1. Awesome boots for hubness! Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Lucky man, fab boots! I know what you mean about the germ thing, it's inevitable isn't it? You'll run round all week doing your best Florence Nightingale then come weekend everyone will be feeling better and want to be out and about whilst you struggle on alone with the three different variants of the 'disease' that your darling family have given to you! i always remember that when my dad was ill (not very often to be fair) he used to take to his bed and require lots of TLC but when mam was ill it was always "Get up and do something to take your mind off it"lol! Double standarda anyone? Hmmm......
    Hope you don't get too germy, the shed would've been one of my options too1 xXx

  3. Just amazing that you have the ability to make your husband a pair of incredible boots such as these! I wish I wish I could make shoes!!! I have always wanted to. I think its such a wonderful wonderful art. You have such talent and an eye for style too.
    I hope you dont get sick and he feels better soon.

  4. Oh, that is so weird...

    I dreamt last night that I received a little, blue bag just like the one with the leaf on the flap. And that I ran around showing it to people because it was just so gorgeous.