Buttons.... and more buttons......

Wednesday, 19 November 2008
 have a thing about buttons. Some are like little jewels, proper show offs, others just do their job.... quietly.

I have collected buttons for many years and have a very large collection. People who visit my home are often drawn to the pots of them displayed on the book shelf in the sitting room.... I see them being eyed.... covetously! Its ok though because they cant be dribbled on, being in plastic pots! The tubs used to contain glace cherries.... so there are at least 20 years worth of fruit cake cherry pots there as well, holding a different type of memory!
Each pot contains a particular colour in every hue imaginable. Some are just so stunning I cant bring myself to use them!

In the past I have used them to decorate all sorts of things, bags, keyrings, brooches, jumpers, hats. The time has come to ressurect some of my older bag styles for Fairysteps I think, ones which used buttons in all their glory as a focal point.
Trouble is can I bring myself to take them out of the pot????!!!


  1. That is so interesting. Ive never heard of anyone collecting buttons. I wish you had a pic here of them in their pots.Sounds like they would be really colorful siting around.

  2. buttons. yes, they are a really lovely toy. i used to play with my mothers button box, too. and now i have a collection of my own. and they are displayed in glas jars. lovely eyecatcher.

  3. Wonderful things for children (and adults) to play and sort...keeps me quiet for ages! Wonderful photos Ren. Lucyxx

  4. A girl after my own heart! I have an extremely large collection of buttons that I started when I was a child. What a fantastic idea of displaying them in those see-through containers, they look gorgeous. I find it difficult to use any of the best ones too!x

  5. oh goodness! i am love with that green bag! my best friend dyed leather and made me the most fabulous bag when i was in college-green leather and suade with raw crystals and plenty of fringe-nearly 5(ok 10)years later i am still trying to use it but i need to put it away to save it. i love all your buttons. i am so lucky as my great auntie fagella gave me her button collection and she used to work in a button factory in about 1915. your buttons look so lovely all lined up by colour! again, more magick!