My workshop / retreat......

Friday, 17 October 2008
I have been beavering away in my workshop, cutting, pattern making and sewing uppers on shoes..... plus a million little things in between. Time for a few pictures of where it all happens I think!
Another little corner....
One of the leather 'stacks', arranged in a rainbow to allow for easy sorting and of course, inspiration!
My beautiful old industrial sewing machine. Well one of them, but thats another obsession.... sewing machines.... Ive currently got 5 in the house......... Shhhhh, dont tell anyone!
This is my main workroom with another adjoining where I store packaging for recycling and also have my cutting table and an area for glueing. Stock items are stored wherever I can fit them in..... so every nook and cranny is stuffed with treasure.
Best of all my workrooms smell like heaven. Open the doors and a blissful waft of leather comes out to entice you in!
Radio 4 keeps me in contact with the rest of the world and when I cant take the world anymore I switch to radio 7 or radio 3, depending on my mood.
Lots of new items being added to the site over the next few days, primarily in purple, damson and peacock blue. A busy weekend ahead though with the family so it may have to wait until Monday!


  1. I was only thinking when I saw the photo of the leathers that the smell must be heavenly! Your workroom looks very industrious, obviously work very hard! Hope your weekend wasn't too busy and you found time for a pot of tea! speak soon, Lucy xx

  2. This looks like a mummys heaven; well, it wpuld be if we were all as talented as you, which sadly i'm not!Lol! I live in a place full of Faeries too, lovely isn't it xXx